The 1975 – Chocolate

Album out Sept two (UK) / Sept three (US), pre-order on iTunes: Pre-order on Amazon: And CD/heavy…
Video Rating: four / five

Valentine Capsule Chocolate Meiji Deco Assort バレンタイン カプセル チョコレート

our facebook page⇒ our twitter⇒ our channnel⇒ カプセル型チョコレートを…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Britt O'Neal

    +FreakFLOOUU actually I’m pretty sure the song is about heroine. I may be
    wrong, but chocolate is common slang for heroine in the uk. 

  2. Steph63729

    Its sad how many negative comments there are on this song. If you don’t
    like this version move on and listen to something else. Get over yourself.
    No one wants your shitty opinion.

  3. HappyTimes

    This is 100% Random…. But my penis is in an alternative dimension … and
    the future president will be mexican #yolo #lindsaysucksass

  4. BVBMonroeInsanity1

    This version is way too slow. This song wasn’t meant to be sung at snail
    speed yo.
    Could’ve been worse tho

  5. Jaime Liew

    anyone else has the ad about the “mighty storm” video game before the music
    video and you just watch the whole ad bc same

  6. crastine4eva

    I know that this comment is a little old so this might not even be relevant
    anymore but you could make an assortment of maybe three–so it’s not that
    daunting to eat them all in one sitting, and make a roll shaped container
    with the ring in the middle so no matter which end she/he started from,
    he/she will already be aware that the center contains things by the time
    he/she gets to the one with the ring–just fill the ones at the ends with
    candy. Just a suggestion.

  7. i will kill u nick

    Does ANyone know where to get any of the meiji products chocolates/sweets
    in Australia prefreble in Melbourne or perth

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