Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

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  1. steve mcmillan

    guys you have to understand vat19 doesn’t make the candy,they just
    advertise it that is why it costs 5$. it probably costs 2.50 /3.50 for the
    original thing. vat19 wants to make SOME money. you have to realize it
    costs money to make these advertisements XD <3 ya Vat19 

  2. Chuck Norris

    The first time I tried tabasco was when I took a little of it without
    shaking it (I didn’t know I was supposed to shake it), it was horribly sour
    and I nearly puked. To hell with tabasco :c

  3. Amber Cloud

    Or just buy dark chocolate and tabasco and heat the choclate then mix it
    together then you got it for a cheaper price. Your welcome :D

  4. Cole Rains

    What about peanut butter? He is rich, a favorite to all and tastes good
    with any thing! Plus Chocolate and him have history.

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