How To Shape Chocolate Roses

This suggestions video is a invaluable time-saver that will allow you to get good at cake decorating. Watch our tutorial on How To Shape Chocolate Roses from a single of Videojug’s sector leaders….
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Eggless Molten Choco Lava Cake in Microwave - Chocolate Fondant Cake | Microwave Cooking

Here’s some Eggless Choco Lava Cake for you all! Now no matter whether you contact it Chocolate Fondant, or Molten Lava or Choco Lava Cake, it can be a job to make them as it calls for fairly a time with…

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  1. George Rivera

    Her voice is just annoying, good video though… I might try it xD Im going
    to make a mess I bet

  2. Kimberly Patton

    Very nice tutorial! So much easier than I first thought.And your voice us
    fine, I think it is the audio that needed a bit of clarity, since I could
    hardly hear you with the volume on high….your store is amazing!

  3. Sierra Henderson

    Are you guys serious? She’s taking the time out to teach you something and
    you’re complaining about her voice? People can be so rude…and ungrateful.
    You guys act like you’re God’s gift to humanity and the epitome of
    perfection. Leave her alone, it’s not like she can help the way her voice
    sounds to those of you who find it “annoying.” Don’t be a jerk!

  4. mocztenora

    this video put me to sleep. not because of the subject, the rose is
    actually very pretty. it’s just the smooth and soothing voice :-)

  5. Nova7o9

    Psh, some YouTube commenters are so critical. I think her voice was cute
    and she was perfectly professional. Anyway, thank you! This was brilliant.

  6. corbett coburn

    Forming dark chocolate against a black background makes it very difficult
    to see what is being done. Perhaps next time you use a dark background,
    you could use white chocolate.

  7. CookingShooking

    Hey, it’s time for some #molten #lava #cake made easy with #oreo and using
    microwave.. Enjoy :D

  8. Stephanie MB

    Yummy…but any chance of making a batch in the oven?
    BTW I made ladi pavs and they are amazing. Thanks for sharing your videos
    in English, we can do properly the recipes. It also spreads worldwide your
    culture. Cheers

  9. vidhi gandhi

    This turned out amazing !
    I replaced chocolate with nutella
    And it was so yummy
    Thank you so much chef 🙂 

  10. Nidhi Patil

    its So easy to make…. its so so soooooo awesome also… thank u so much
    for this great n easy recipe…

  11. eduardo maria

    i tried making it and it was perfect! Thanks for your videos!! you make
    impossible things soo easy!! <3 :)

  12. Rajeshwari Gupta

    Pls help me! I had kept the molten chocolate for a whole day but still it
    is not hard! So pls tell me as to what should i do?

  13. Manisha Eyegirl

    Egg-less chocolate cake taste better than those with eggs, love this
    recipe, the cake texture looks like brownies and seems so appetizing!

  14. Ayshwarya Prabhakar

    Hi chef can v prepare this cake a day before and heat it the next day..
    Will it be equally good ? 

  15. Megh Gandhi

    so you deleted my comment….. Nevermind will tell the blog owner that you
    haven’t credited her in your video for d recipe :)

  16. Vishu Bansal

    Hi little chef, I tried your recipe of cake, it was really yummy n
    delicious. But the lava didn’t come out. I followed ur recipe for making
    chocolate balls but it didn’t get freeze to get hard. It was always little
    soft after keeping for few days in freezer. When I made it get melt in cake
    as result no lava. Plz tell me what the error I did . Thanks

  17. Mansi Kashyap

    Neither I have the parchment paper nor silicone liner..
    Pls suggest me a substitute for the same

  18. Tarshari Mehta

    The oreo batter sucked up all my chocolate in the microwave. The chocolate
    didnt really harden up even when i checked after 6 hours. So i just put the
    liquid in there and it sucked it up. What do i do?

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