How to Pipe Multi-Color Chocolate Doilies

In a earlier video, I showed you how to pipe single-colour dark chocolate lace doilies freehand. In this video, I take that simple doily up a notch by piping …
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  1. Lorena Prado

    Hello Julia, gorgeous work, breath taking and lovely. I have a quick
    question can you do the transfer in wax paper instead of the acetate?? or
    you use the acetate to maintain the chocole shinness?? Thank you for

  2. Sevgi Sezen

    Thanks a lot, Ms Julia. I am so blessed to find your channel because I
    really love this kind of arts. Extremely thankful. 

  3. SquidthekidRS at the Squid Army

    Omg! We could use that to decorate a pretty cake! Could you try doing the
    laces that droop down from the cake stand? That would b awesome!

  4. Haniela's

    Julia, this is beautiful. I can see these made in a smaller version and
    used to decorate desserts, cupcakes. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  5. ladyjaneofdunans

    Julia, this is just exquisite. Have you ever thought of replicating simple
    stained glass from cathedrals or rose windows? I bet they would be

  6. jack richo

    I LOVE all of your videos! Especially the chocolate lace 🙂 ! I will
    definitely be trying the lace transfer for my next cake.
    I will be making how to baking videos of my own recipes soon for my own
    youtube channel, and was wondering if you have any advice before i start?

    Thanks in advanced! ..

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