How-To Make Dark Chocolate Hanukkah Gelt with Eliot Glazer: Hanukkah Spectacular

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Hanukkah spectacular, hosted by Dani Luv! In honor of the 1st night of the Festival of Lights, Eliot Glazer—comedian and candy-producing expert—makes homemade dark…
Video Rating: two / five

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  1. ApeQuake

    Man, all of this Jew hate — it’s like Nazis Part Duh! At least you get a
    little taste of what Jews experience every year from October through
    December. Yes, damn Christmas is a 3-month holiday now. 

  2. Joshua Kleiner

    If anyone has tasted that cheap chocolate they use in the stuff you buy in
    the store, then they will get why this exists. Its garbage chocolate
    wrapped in gold foil. 

  3. Leonard Grossman

    Do we need such demeaning “fking shmucks,” to use the language of the creep
    who introduces this segment. I thought I might find something amusing or
    interesting here. Not jokes about Jews and gelt. Disgusting.

  4. Mayer Yedid

    Really weak start to the Hanukah series. I would have thrown gelt in with
    another desert video since its just reshaping and decorating chocolate. On
    the bright side, homemade gelt is loads better than the garbage ones sold
    in stores

  5. misterkefir

    Im not even anti-jewish or something (I dont like Israel tho..) but
    watching a jew making gold coins from chocolate is just rich, man.. xDD

  6. PewPewv123

    4:26 what hte fuck? All you did was melt chocolate and then color it gold
    which you could have done without melting it

  7. Rune Posselt

    I fucking love Munchies, I’ve watched every episode – most of them more
    than once. However, this one is utter shit. Absolutely the worst episode.
    Dude does nothing but melt some chocolate and re-mold it. I like the fact
    that we see different cultures etc. but at least make some mildly
    interesting food. I still love you, Munchies, but please don’t let this be
    an indicator of future content quality.

  8. yamban

    All he did was re-melt the chocolate into a different shape and paint them.
    Half of the video was him going on about some random bullshit not related
    to the video at all. 

  9. Smokewell Daley

    Dear Munchies, Once again you have fallen off track. Who the fuck is your
    producer? FIRE HIM. Besides that, I still got love for you but its slowly
    running out. So FUCK YOU and get back on the horse motherfuckers. PS. Dont
    accept Jewish money please. Thank you.

  10. Said Guzman

    Can someone help me and investigate where Eliot Glazer buy that shirt
    beacuse its awesome I will glad if someone says to me the brand of this
    shirt thanks +Eliot Glazer 

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