How to Make Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get the recipe @ best-massive-fat-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookie/detail.aspx Find out how to make best-rated chocolate chip cookies. See how to make chewy, bakery-style…

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  1. Allrecipes

    Yikes, Vitor Dias! Sorry for the slow reply. It’s been a week since you
    wrote, so did you bake the cookies anyway? If the dough tasted too floury,
    are you sure you measured the ingredients correctly? It would be hard to
    change the taste once the batter is mixed together. It’s also likely the
    taste will change and get better when the cookies are baked. Here’s a link
    to the original recipe so you may review the ingredient amounts.
    We hope you try making the recipe again.

  2. Byron Huang

    Made it absolutely delicious but didn’t come out the way it looked on the
    video I used the exact same measurement and the same tools to scoop it but
    it didn’t really melt and became flat it was a little flat but too thick
    and it was too big, any tips???!!!!

  3. Allrecipes

    Hi, deanna sorrenti – Thanks for your question. Sifting the flour ensures
    it blends with evenly with the baking soda and salt. It’s not essential,
    but it will make it easier to combine with the moist ingredients. Enjoy
    this recipe!

  4. Allrecipes

    Sorry to hear the cookies were too sweet for you, Muhammad Imran. We know
    that’s disappointing. Next time, try cutting back on the amount of either
    brown or white sugar or both. You could add half the amount of each, and
    then taste the batter to see if it’s what you want. Add more if it’s not
    sweet enough.

  5. Allrecipes

    Thank you for your question, Laila. You could use white sugar, but the
    cookies won’t be as soft and chewy. Happy baking!

  6. Allrecipes

    Hi, eva daniel – We’re sorry to hear you aren’t being successful with your
    cookie baking efforts. That’s so disappointing and frustrating. If your
    cookies aren’t soft and chewy or spreading, there are several possible
    1) Have you checked your oven’s temperature? Use a stand-alone oven
    thermometer to check–and move it around because it’s always possible to
    have different areas in the oven be different temperatures.
    2) Are you placing the baking sheet on a middle rack one at a time? Placing
    more than one sheet in the oven can block heat.
    3) Also, let the dough come to room temperature before baking. If the dough
    is too cold, it won’t spread.
    4) One more thing: Check the expiration date on the baking soda can. If
    it’s old or expired, the cookies won’t spread.
    5) We recommend using an aluminum baking sheet. Dark-colored baking sheets
    can become too hot and cause cookie dough to “set up” instead of spreading.
    6) You might also use 2 eggs, instead of 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk. This will
    add a little more moisture to the cookie dough.

  7. Michael Young

    The dough tasted a little floury for a while, but once the cookies started
    to cook it changed completely! These cookies are excellent! Thanks for the

  8. Allrecipes

    Hi, vanessa_t_ – We’ve made it easy to change the ingredients in recipes to
    grams. To do this, 1) open the recipe page and find the line “Original
    recipe makes 3 pounds” (or 6 servings or whatever the finished amount is
    for that recipe). 2) Just to the right of this line, click on “Change
    Servings.” This will open a new line with a box to change the number of
    servings (the original recipe’s amount will automatically show in the box)
    and two buttons: One says “US” and the other says “Metric.” 3) Click on
    “Metric” and then 4) click on “Adjust Recipe.” All the ingredient amounts
    will immediately change to grams and ml. Enjoy the recipe!

  9. Allrecipes

    Hi, Alii VanDoren – It sounds like you may have an oven registering
    temperatures with the Celsius scale? If this is correct, 200 degrees
    Celsius equals 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This recipe bakes the cookies at 325
    degrees Fahrenheit, which equals 165 degrees Celsius. You should be fine
    using your oven at the 165 degree setting

  10. Alejandro Piedra

    Hey Allrecipes would there be a problem if I use light brown sugar and
    regular butter if you can please respond 

  11. LpsMaryTV

    Hey! The cookies tasted really well, but they weren’t very chewy. The dried
    up very quickly and were hard to eat. Are there any ways I can make the
    cookies softer and chewier?

  12. starlove express

    I like your recipes because it so easy to do, I tried banana bread
    yesterday its so nice it taste so good and smell so good too… I just have
    a question I did not put baking soda which is in the ingredients instead I
    put baking powder and now I want to do this chocolate chip and its also
    baking soda,, is it still OK if I will put baking powder instead of baking
    soda? Thank you….

  13. Nirzhar Kar

    for some reason mine always comes a bit dry. it is always soft but the
    dough just seems dry. any ideas how to fix?

  14. myvicentiu

    you can’t foll me. these are cookies bought from the store, already made ,
    nice all round and crunchy on top. there’s no way the dough from the video
    turned into such nice looking and crunchy cookies. hahaha. and people
    believed . 

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