Chocolate Decoration Cake by CakesStepbyStep

Chocolate Decoration Cake by CakesStepbyStep

Cake decorating for novices.Chocolate decoration tip. Madame Pum Pum Chocolate Cake.
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  1. Liz Martinez

    Love your work videos are awesome but can you put a description on the
    number of tips and how long you put the chocolate in the freezer how long
    it set

  2. Cakes Cupcakes

    Hi what kind of.chocolate do you use is it buttercream. What kind.of tip do
    younuse I could never do it like you do. Love all ur videos great work

  3. Debora Clark

    Hello. What cake decorating tools are you using in the video? What are
    you using for the chocolate design? I ask because you aren’t using a
    parchment paper cone. And, I have never seen the tool that you use to mark
    your lines on your cake. 

  4. Lorena Prado

    Gorgeous as usaul, did you use chocolate ganache for the ombre rossettes??
    I so love your work, always learn something new. Thank you for sharing your

  5. Nikki Gibson

    That looks so gorgeous! Hubby and are renewing our wedding vows next year
    and I think I may try to do this (I have done the rosettes before but never
    thought of the chocolate). We never got to try our original wedding cake
    due to caterer “error” (they stuck it uncovered in a damp exposed brick
    corner and forgot about it for a few days!) so want the next one to be
    special :). I am a new subscriber and so far been impressed with all your
    vids, thank you xxxx

  6. Beberly x

    Hola en que tipo de papel pones el chocolate?, y otra pregunta mas que
    chocolate usaste?. Y claro gracias por compartir te quedo divino.

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