Brown Smokey Eye Fall/Autumn Makeup Tutorial | ft. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

OPEN ME FOR Much more KATERINA*** Hi Guys! I know I have been “Missing In Action” for a handful of weeks now and I am terribly sorry. If you stick to my social media’s …

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  1. Mariah F.

    At last! Make up brands I know and can buy. You look very nice and I love
    your pretty colours. I didn’t realise it took that long to do all those
    looks the models wear. They must have a comfortable chair by the mirror.
    Thank you. Now where do we get a make up palette like that with those

  2. Marianne McClelland

    I just came accross your page and I just love everything about it! Always
    found it difficult to do my eyes but watching your videos really helps!
    Thanks soo much xx

  3. martagoncalves350

    Hey Katerina, I just want to share a funny coincidence with you 🙂 The
    other night, I followed this tutorial and made this look and afterwards
    when I went to straighten my hair guess what? I burnt myself in the
    forehead exactly like you ahah

  4. SuperAshley127

    “It turns out curling irons get quite hot and you might not want to put
    them on your skin.” Hahahaha so funny! This look is gorgeous!

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