Wilton Easy Pour Funnel

Wilton Easy Pour Funnel

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The Wilton Simple Pour funnel has push-button controls to handle the movement of candy. A single-handed operation can make this funnel effortless to use.


  • Push-button controls
  • 5 by 4 inches in diameter
  • Nylon construction
  • Easy to control flow
  • One-handed operation

Wilton Easy Pour Funnel 3.9 out of 5 based on 418 ratings. 418 user reviews
Chocolate Molds Wilton Easy Pour Funnel The Wilton Simple Pour funnel has push-button controls to handle the movement of candy. A single-handed operation can make this funnel effortless to use. $5.89 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41SfN2SuHCL._SL160_.jpg
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    To be truthful, I just purchased this to bring my total amount to get free of cost shipping for an Amazon promo. Boy am I delighted I did! This is terrific to put batter in cupcake pots. It works fantastic! I imagine it would be great for pancakes too. The little stopper plugs the flow when you need it to … despite having a relatively thick batter. I highly recommend.


    My chocolate making tasks have actually been in higher gear since very early Autumn and I needed a much better method to pour the chocolate in to the little molds. This funnel jobs pretty well – I have 2 as I usually collaborate with two different delicious chocolates at the exact same time. It is easy to pack and easy to run. The finger trigger spout is not the most accurate/well made– but this is a good inexpensive remedy when you want to load several mold and mildews rapidly. The clutter is kept at a minimum.


    I used it for cupcakes and say goodbye clutter from having to make use of a laddle. The hole is also small for pancakes possibly unless it is extremely runny.


    Incredible item! Hello everybody. I just recently discovered to make delicious chocolate and wanted to take it to the following level and attempt some silicon mold and mildews (before the mold and mildews I was making free kind candy clusters on wax paper). Probably many of you are finding that after checking out the evaluations for different mold and mildew brand names, you are still uncertain which one(s) to choose. That is exactly how I felt a couple weeks back, so I determined to see for myself and got 3 various brand mold and mildews. The following is what I acquired: Silikomart Plastic Easy Delicious chocolate Mold (various Dinosaurs – 15 item each mold and mildew), Fat Daddio’s Interlocking Square Silicon Chocolate Mold and mildew (15 item per mold and mildew), and Freshware 30 Dental caries Silicon Chocolate Jelly and Candy Mold. Together with the molds, I additionally bought the Wilton Easy Pour Funnel. In instance it matters, I prepare my chocolate utilizing cacoa butter, cacao insert, sea salt, honey and ground vanilla. All components are warmed in my dehydrator at a temperature of 105 until thawed (the honey is currently melted obviously, however I place in in there anyhow so it is warm). Below is exactly what I uncovered when I made my delicious chocolates yesterday. All 3 molds released the chocolates conveniently, all three mold and mildews had regarding the exact same size candies (can be consumed in a couple of attacks – I think this is simply the ideal dimension) and all three generated stunning shiny items of chocolate (they all had the same quantity of sparkle). Clean-up is a cinch on all three of them; nonetheless, it is less complicated to fix the brown chocolate off the red 30 cavity Freshware mold and mildew. Several testimonials have kept in mind that the forms are so versatile you have to move them to the fridge on a tough surface or all your chocolate will run out. This holds true; nevertheless, I do not feel this is a reason for the products to shed a star since this adaptability is additionally the specific reason your gorgeous little sweet creations will certainly pop soon out. I made sure to transfer my packed mold and mildews to the refrigerator on something rigid and it was immaterial in any way. As far as I could inform, unless you are looking for a certain form, of the 3 I acquired, I would advise the Freshware one because of the following: it has 30 cavities in the mold (instead of 15 in each of the others), it gives you an assortment of shapes (6 different shapes in the 30 dental caries as opposed to a single form in the 15 tooth cavity molds), it is the simplest to clean up since it is red and each cavity is the least expensive option. Now, about the channel. For $5.46, this little candy making tool was a genuine jewel. It is extremely simple to make use of and fix. Several assessments stated that it did not included a stand; nonetheless, this is immaterial. I utilized a narrow mouthed canning jar and it worked perfect. The vast mouth glass jar bumps the little manage trigger and lets the chocolate out, so I do not advise a container or glass with a vast top. Luckily, I realized the wide mouth would open the funnel base before I really put chocolate in it. Other evaluations discussed that the channel drips. My experience was the following: When only the chocolate was in the funnel, I had the occasional drip (perhaps 6 drips), however not at all enough to take a star away for it. Part way via my job, I added shredded coconut to the delicious chocolate in the Vitamix and blended it in on a low speed (didn’t failure the coconut … simply blended it in). I found I did get additional drips once the coconut was in the funnel; nevertheless, this was my own negligence due to the fact that the little items of coconut were protecting against a seal below the channel. Even with the coconut, I did not assume the drips I got were irritating. I will certainly add the coconut similarly next time and take pleasure in demolishing the drippings when I am tidying up. I really hope the details over was beneficial. Delighted candy making!


    I use this funnel for putting batter in to cupcake and brownie pots, and also for pancake batter. It makes a lot less mess than a spoon or measuring mug. I did attempt the candies revealed on the product packaging, yet located it was not good for melted delicious chocolate, as the chocolate cools as well rapid and the candies looked odd. Yet I liked it a lot I bought a second one!


    This is a convenient tool no doubt. I had mine for a few years using it for only pancakes. Yes if the pancake batter was thick, it took a bit longer for it to dispense, but that is not the issue of the tool but the batter. I broke the lower release by pulling it towards the deal with. My negligence entirely. I so wish An individual would make one such as this much much bigger naturally in Stainless Steel and that will not leak. It never ever leaked or leaked. Excellent product however in plastic. Good for aiding one to make a decision to purchase one larger, as after it damaged I was sorely dissapointed and now am searching for another dispenser. All them on Amazon, have good and bad testimonials(some actually bad assessments, and really great. Deciding is not easy), many all are leaking, some cracking prematurely. This did not leak, did not stand on its own, however functioned, and did exactly what it was expected to do. Have to refill typically as it just holds concerning 1 mug (offer or take). I give it 5 stars simply considering that it did exactly what it is intended to do … give and not leak.


    I use this when making sweets since it is simpler to load those sweet mold and mildew dental caries. The release lever cracks unless you draw it back by hand tough, but its still better compared to putting it outta the determining mug you melt the sweet melts in.


    This functions very well for packing little cavaties. I utilize it for teacakes and mini tarts. Something teaspoon dimension. It would run out of batter considerably also promptly for bigger things. The plug goes over for easy cleansing. You could place it on the top shelf of the dishwasher.


    I found that being used this for delicious chocolate, the chocolate cooled too quickly to pack numerous mold and mildews prior to the flow became very, very sluggish. I had a great deal better luck utilizing this to pack small cupcake tins and to make pancakes.


    I got this as a present for my mom that likes to bake cakes. She likes this product and uses it really frequently. The finger trigger spout is not really exact, but this is a nice solution when you intend to load a number of moulds quickly.


    Hate on your own for not having devised it! However seriously though, it works incredibly well for simply exactly how straightforward it is. It’s 2 components that tongue and groove in to each other producing a channel like area with a little manage and a trigger type assembly with a long slender arm with a ball type item attached to it and when combined the triggers procedure moves the ball up and from all-time low of the channel, which is open, which in turn allows your filling (delicious chocolates in our instance) to carefully, evenly, controlably spurt so that you can effectively disperse and put your loading of choice … it’s extraordinary simple, extremely low-cost but worth every cent and additional when your trying to do certain kitchen projects and such … that’s it, delight in and relax guaranteed, you want this item !!!


    I was browsing on Amazon for a couple of great funnels to make use of for making my natural skincare line. I located this one and I’m very sure each time I utilize it I state how outstanding it is! I made use of to over-pour and splash expensive ingredients and now I have catbird seat with the stop/start lever. I desire twenty even more!


    I blend my very own infant meals for my child and I bought this to dispense into the plastic holders that I got. It works quite well as long as the puree isn’t really also thick. Regulating the flow is truly fast and has actually most definitely been “cleaner” to give meals in to the specific compartments into the holder rather than ladling or spooning. Could you imagine the clutter ?! I’m happy with this item!


    Its a channel it. It is fast to use and constructed of sturdy plastic. It serves for doing things with delicious chocolate and batter.


    This is actually excellent for all kinds of cooking. No mess when you are trying to put batter in to small kinds like a Madelaine pan. Passion it …


    I don’t know why people whine about this little guy. It’s not made to be an excellent pour channel. It takes work to manipulate the trigger to do just what you need. If you wish ease, get the $40 equivalent. This works completely for pouring chocolate into molds. I likewise utilize it to make customized pancakes, muffin batter, cupcakes … the list is unlimited.


    It makes my delicious chocolate making A Lot less complicated !!! I definitely adore it !!! THIS WAS A WISE OPTION! I absolutely suggest this product !!


    This product was exactly what I needed. Keeps my hands tidy, and the melted delicious chocolate, and pancake mix where it must be. Great business to handle.


    Usage these a great deal when making suckers or individualcandies in a mold. Wish they were a bit larger though. If it were twice the dimension it would hold a full set of sweet.

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