Too Faced Chocolate Bar & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Review & Comparison

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions concerning the brand-new Too Dealt with Semi- Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Combination and also exactly how it as compares to the pioneering Too Encountered Delicious chocolate Bachelor’s degree …
Video clip Score: 4/ 5

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  1. Serein Wu

    Made a boo boo with my new video and it’s up early! So here you go all
    you’ll need to know about new #toofacedcosmetics Semi Sweet Palette Vs.
    The Original #makeup #makeupreview #bbloggers #beautyblogger
    #beauty #beautyproducts #beautyproductreview #makeupaddict

  2. Riss LuvsBeauty

    so many people criticize these palettes saying there aren’t pigmented ok
    no they aren’t pigmented and creamy like lorac but they also don’t have
    tons of crazy fall out and are hard to blend like lorac is sometimes. also
    like Nars shadows so pigmented but hard to blend sometimes. I think on
    camera it looks good but in real life a severely highlighted under eye and
    sharp contour with strong brows and tons of eyeshadow just doesn’t look
    good. thats why i love your channel you add glam to everyday makeup that
    still looks natural and sophisticated with an edge! love your videos xo

  3. BrownEyedJen

    I have the 1st chocolate bar palette and i love it. I like the way the 2nd
    chocolate bar palette looks but i have been think about buying the Lorac
    pro 1 palette. Have you tried the Lorac pro 1 palette. Which would you buy
    if you have?

  4. smilingsince87

    Serein I love your honesty. From watching other reviews it made it out to
    seem that this palette was a fail. But after watching your review its good
    to know that this palette is as good as the 1st. I’m a rookie and I’m all
    about natural, easy looks. I’m adding this palette & the Lorac Pro 1 to my
    wish list. 

  5. Aglitterylife

    GREAT job on the review for this! I’ve been on the fence about this
    palette but you may have changed my mind…I might need to get it ASAP!!!

  6. awkwardgrapefruit

    Just subscribed! Thanks for the review. PS: So sick / annoyed of bloggers
    with crazy high, fake voices, who love everything (mostly bc they are sent
    things for free). Waiting to see what’s next.

  7. Elle Is For Living

    I have the regular palette and was debating on the semi sweet palette so
    loved this review. GREAT comparison so I can make the decision that was
    right for me. Thank you. ♥ Elle

  8. BellisssimaaFit

    oh my god i loveee too faced and all what i have is great really,i can use
    all too faced shadows even without primer and they stay all day,BUTTT this
    palette is my BIG fail of 2014,i have never try sooo bad shadow palette in
    my live and this price! this is no a cheap palette! foe 49$ i want more, a
    lot more! from all the palette only 4 or 5 shadows are good,all another is
    ridiculus pigment! WTF??? was clean my finger with my hand,dont need
    wipes! and this blue…oh my god! what can i say? sooo sad really,and i
    live in germany and i was page 76 EURO with taxe for this palette! NEVER

  9. Kel L

    Thank you for the review. I have the original one (dark chocolate) and
    really like it. Will get the semi one for my sis for Christmas 

  10. mamabok killam

    lol ! ” two faced doesn’t know that I’m alive ” cute statement ! hope two
    faced would use you one day in their promotions eh. i haven’t bought any
    of the chocolate bars yet, I am waiting to see if I needed more neutral
    colors. most of my eyeshadows are pretty neutral in color.

  11. Amanda Crisp

    These palettes are so pretty, I don’t know what people are talking about
    when they say they aren’t pigmented! Your blog post shows that they’re
    gorgeous! Great review!

  12. BTNHcheyenne

    I just do not get how so many people have said the semi-sweet is warmer?
    Like people say “obviously the original is cooler toned” but to me and from
    ALL the reviews and pics it looks the opposite!? To me the original one
    with the pinks, burgundy, purple, and salted caramel looks way warmer?
    Maybe just need to see semisweet in person to fully understand? 

  13. Kat Horrocks

    Great review 🙂 I love my Too Faced Chocolate Palette and think the
    pigmentation is great – they are buildable which I love! Sometimes I think
    the Urban Decay ones are bit too pigmented which means they have way more
    fall out. Whereas these ones don’t at all I find 🙂 definitely want the
    Semi Sweet! 

  14. Andreaaa

    Wow thanks for this video! I’ve been trying to decide which one to get. I
    saw your photo on GlamLifeGuru and immediately rushed here to watch! 

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