Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 36 Ounce Container

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 36 Ounce Container

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 36 Ounce Container Rating:
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Sanders new Sea Salt Caramels are a best Sweet & Salty treat for any person. Our 1920\'s Sanders authentic recipe Caramel is enrobed in our premium Dark Chocolate, and then sprinkled with the finest Mediterranean Sea Salt. These Caramels will certainly satisfy any craving you have!


  • Sanders Fine Chocolates
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
  • 36 ounce container

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 36 Ounce Container 4.1 out of 5 based on 398 ratings. 398 user reviews
Chocolate Caramels Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 36 Ounce Container Sanders new Sea Salt Caramels are a best Sweet & Salty treat for any person. Our 1920\'s Sanders authentic recipe Caramel is enrobed in our premium Dark Chocolate, and then sprinkled with the finest Mediterranean Sea Salt. These Caramels will certainly satisfy any craving you have! $12.95
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    Once, long, long earlier, a dear friend got me a box of dark chocolate sea-salt sugars for my birthday celebration. He would certainly found them at a neighborhood planter’s market, made by a lady that was cooking batches in the first blush kitchen area of a late night bar and grill. They were exquisite. I contacted her on the phone and got something like 40 of things and obtained all my buddies addicted. I ordered and shared. Purchased and hoarded. Bought and enjoyed their excellence. It was a glorious period of salty, chocolate-y goodness. Then, someday, disaster struck. The phone was disconnected, the website unanswered. My phone sounded unattached from my legion of chocolate addicts would like to know “When?” “Where?” “Whyyyyyyyy.”The mystery was never ever solved. I have concepts, of the conspiracy theory type. I’ll keep them to myself in the meantime yet suffice to claim that I’ve been left unhappy by many readily available sea-salt caramels considering that. Fran’s are delicious, however in that fussy, priceless means that Tiffany presents are. 1 or 2 others were close. So really close. I even tried making my own yet if the caramels ended up excellent, the delicious chocolate didn’t temper properly. If I refined the delicious chocolate, I mis-timed the caramels into either gooiness or difficult sweet. These aren’t the very same, but they have a similar feel. A particular roughness to the delicious chocolate, a distinctly strong saltiness. Not for the faint of heart. The caramel is different. Darker, smokier than the pale gold carmelized caramel of my divine grail, yet I similar to this model. It gives them their very own personality. If they ‘d been an exact suit, it would certainly have resembled kissing the cute kid merely since he resembled the kid who cracked my heart. Too much the same without being the same. I’ve currently constructed the boxes for the addicts. There shall be expressing joy.


    These are the very best dark chocolate caramels ever. I orinally located them at Costco, yet good to know that I could get them on Amazon with prime delivery. If you like dark chocolate caramel, these are the best. And I do not think there is too much sea salt, and I am not a sea salt fan.


    Annually at Xmas, my business receives gift boxes from various other business or customers. In among the variety stuffs this year was dark chocolate sea salt caramels. I’m a significant supporter of anything sea salt caramel after Starbucks brought out the taste a couple of years back so I dug in. When they were all gone I searched for out which brand name they were, however failed. I was at a pal’s home for New Years and he had these caramels. Considering that I do not possess a Costco card, I decided to view Amazon just to locate them on Prime. I was so thrilled that I purchased them with 1 day shipping. They are precisely just what I was searching for. They have a deep caramel on the in, dark, sultry, and rich. Its the perfect consistency, not also (ie common caramel like discovered in Twix) or as well rigid. The dark delicious chocolate was the perfect contrast and the sea salt ahead was the ideal degree of salt for me (I like salty meals). The only issue I have is product packaging. It must have been in the UPS vehicle or something, yet activity is not pleasant to these delicate chocolates. They almost looked they were aged or just had actually been trembled to death. I am visiting attempt to see if I can publish a photo considering that these could most definitely not be provided as a gift!


    These are absolutely tasty. One of my good friends brought it over for a potluck, and it was fairly a shock initially. I would not have believed salt and caramel would fit so well, but they do. The only point I would change on these is just how much salt it has, it’s a little overbearing for me.


    These have a great chocolate flavor and the sea salt includes just the correct amount of saltiness to go with the wonderful caramel and dark chocolate.


    This is definitely the BEST candy! The mix of dark delicious chocolate, caramel, and sea salt is incredible! A “have to try!”


    Have had these caramels before. They are absolutely delicious! Packaging not the most effective, as they had actually a debated planning to them, But the cost was outstanding for the volume, as they are not low-cost!


    I love dark delicious chocolate and caramel. This is just one of my faves. The sea salt adds an extremely good touch. I can not be without it. I always keep an added container so I never run out.


    These are a very good sweet. I like how they are separately wraped. They are a little expensive. The delivery was really quick.


    These are the best excellent dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels I have actually ever had! They are really to die for … a decadent surprise!


    I adore these. Every person I’ve shared them with loves them. The caramel is smooth and tasty and the salt flawlessly offsets the sweetness. I’m now on my 3rd order. Great things!


    These delicious morsels are unforgettably delicious! My sister-in-law presented me to them previously in 2012, and I acquired 2 containers at that time. My other half and I would certainly dole 1 or 2 out for a treat once or twice a week, and afterwards my daughters and their kids caught on. DARN! We were really happy to locate that we might get this item on the internet, and this specific delicious chocolate is a staple in our residence. There are times when absolutely nothing else will certainly do however chocolate … we are prepared for those minutes!


    These are the most effective sea salt caramels on the marketplace. The only issue is attempting to quit consuming them all throughout the day.


    I can not applaud these caramels strongly enough. They are truly tasty and abundant sufficient that a single caramel pleases the desire. But, when I bought these in March, the price was ten bucks less costly than the current rate. Does any individual know what induced the price leap? I could justify $20 for a guilty pleasure, but not $30.


    If you like dark delicious chocolate caramels, you will certainly adore these. Perfect flavor, structure and the pointer of salt ahead. Wonderful !! I obtained a container as a present, loved them s much, I got one more container. I will certainly never eat any other chocolates yet these, honestly.


    Best chocolate Caramel EVER! Dark chocolate, not also pleasant caramel. Really surprisingly excellent. Does not leave a wonderful sugary after taste. Company all concurred it was ideal dessert we had.


    The pleasant and salted taste of Sanders Dark Chocolate sea salt caramels is really a splendid encounter. The only illness with this product is that it is so great that it is truly difficult to quit with simply one. A cup of coffee and a couple of these caramels make a truly dreadful day much better. I have actually always adored milk delicious chocolate however I do not believe there is a much more excellent taste than the mix of dark chocolate with sea salt caramels. If you are a nonconformist and like a little culinary journey, you’ll cherish these caramels.


    First acquired this as a present. The recipient was excited that there were so many caramels as well as a lot more amazed with the taste. That persuaded me to get some for myself and to split them in to smaller sized present portions. I did this knowing from other reviewers that they show up looking a little tough from being jolted around in the container throughout shipping. That applies to … but all you have to do to make them rather once again is dab them with a damp paper towel. I did that to about a dozen of them and place them in a pretty box. The recipient was pleased. … and I’m pleased to have a lot of left for several additional present boxes yet they’re so tasty its going to be challenging to save them for that long! The chocolate on these is not waxy … it is of good quality. The caramel is dark and not also gooey and not too strong … this is perfect in my publication. Likewise just the right salt level. There are about 60 caramels in the container so it’s a great value, too.


    These are so yummy! I got them once as a trial run. They were a huge favorite! The delicious chocolate actually melts in your mouth and the pointer of salt on the top includes an exuberance to the caramel – delicious chocolate combination.


    3 distinct flavors going on … sea salt, dark delicious chocolate and caramel. The tastes type of go in that order … you taste the sea salt first, after that it is chocolatey, after that you end up with the caramel preference. It is a top quality caramel. These points are quite awesome.

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