Recipe: Chocolate Marshmallow Liqueur Cups

Chocolate Marshmallow Liqueur Cups


4 ounces semisweet chocolate.
16 to 20 fluted paper or foil cooking mugs.
32 big marshmallows.
1/2 mug milk.
1/4 mug Amaretto.
3 tbsps white cr � me de cacao.
1 cup whipping lotion.
Whipped lotion.
Delicious chocolate leaves.


Melt chocolate in top of dual boiler over warm, not steaming, water. Eliminate dual boiler from heat, but leave top component over warm water. Dip a new clean, completely dry 1/2-inch brush in dissolved delicious chocolate. Brush on base and also sides of baking cups about 1/8-inch thick, pressing chocolate right into ridges and also smoothing as long as feasible. Area in muffin pan cups. Chill till collection.

Thoroughly remove paper or foil.

In a tool pan, incorporate marshmallows and milk. Rouse constantly over low warmth until marshmallows melt. Refrigerate up until enlarged.

Rouse in Amaretto as well as cr � me de cacao.

In a medium dish, defeated lotion up until stiff. Fold in cool marshmallow combination. Pour right into chocolate cups. Refrigerate till company.

Garnish each with whipped cream and a chocolate fallen leave.

Delicious chocolate Leaves.
Wash leaves. Pat dry with paper towels. Thaw semisweet chocolate squares or a mix of milk chocolate items blended with semisweet chocolate. With a slim spatula or blade, spread out a layer of melted chocolate about 1/8-inch thick astride each leaf just to the side. Try not to let any type of delicious chocolate spill over to the front side of the fallen leave. Put on level pan or tray. Cool until company.

Carefully remove leaves with cooled hands.

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