Play Go Chocolate Fountain Makes Fun and Delicious Desserts – Kids’ Toys

Hi! Right here is Play Go Delicious chocolate Fountain that ridicules as well as scrumptious treats. Put the chocolate onto the base of the chocolate platter. Switch on the power sw …

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  1. KoroAkame 2.0

    I do not know why but im born in the Philippines i lived there for 10 years
    and im just 11 and i speak better English but my parent are both Filipinos
    so i should not be learning English, and oh yea since im in U.S.A that
    doesnt mean im fluent in english but i didnt learn english here so
    yea….Ok back to the point i speak better English than both of these kids.
    Oh yea btw who ever lives at the Phillipines there are more possiblities in
    America so live here do what ever it takes to get here instead of wasting
    money on toys instead of buying food for hobos in the Philippines and here
    in America if you like toys at the Philippines its more CHEAPER because a
    U.S.A $1 is 49 Pesos in the Philippines 

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