Mrs. Fields Toy Baking Factory! LPS-Dave Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mrs Fields Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Dipping Sauce! Watch as I use the Mrs Fields Baking Factory! Acquire Right here ▷ Lucky Penny Thoughts:…

Philadelphia Candies homepage. ‘Like’ and subscribe! Video Timeline (:01–three:22) We return to caramel after 1 hour cook ti…

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  1. Leon Kennedy

    Please stop with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and other things. Cause 1. No one
    really cares, 2. You’re most not what you say you are. So please the next
    time your about to do this think about the people that read comments for
    other reasons

  2. Paula David

    I love your vids. I try to watch one a day, but it hard sometimes. What
    kind of dog is Butch and who does his voice? I love him and you too. Dave.
    You are cool. Keep up the GREAAAAAAT work, Dave and Butch. Looking forward
    to what you have in store for us next. Thanks again. Love, Paula. Age- 26

  3. Jesse Bernard

    Lucky Penny Shop is just indeed the best YouTube channel to watch
    especially when I bored, fun and informative to watch every time. :)

  4. Shahd Eweis

    I would’ve put my cookies in the muffin tin because maybe they will look
    more round idk just thought of it in the first minute of the video 

  5. Natashakiable18

    Yummy! I think I had a Mrs. Field’s kit as a kid before, but I can’t
    remember which one. I know it wasn’t this one, though. Oh well. ; p 

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