Making Chocolate Lace Bowls: Bowls Made of Chocolate by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Blog Post: In this video we’ll show you how to make piped chocolate laces bowls using balloons and chocolate melt…
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  1. Chrissy Silveira

    I found u guys today and as soon as I saw one of your video I subscribed im
    gonna show my friends ur channel I think its perfect love it 

  2. jgomez756

    i do recommend putting something onto the balloon because i did try this a
    few days ago and i did not put pam spray or any kind of oil like substance
    that would help the balloon release easier from the chocolate and it did
    not work for the regular chocolate bowl because one i snipped the balloon
    it was fine until it got to the chocolate part it started cracking because
    i did not put oil or pam spray onto the balloon so make sure when you try
    the lace bowl or regular chocolate bowl that you put somthing onto the
    balloon to make the chocolate come right off/// :))))

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