Is It A Dupe? Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Vs I Heart Make Up I Heart Chocolate Palette

Hi guys! this video appears at the new I heart make up palette and how equivalent it is to the also faced chocolate palette. Verify out I Heart Make Up at http://ww…
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. PinkRibbonsxo

    Makeup revolution is great xx didnt knw that debenems had too faced,great
    dupes i subbed your channel hope you can sub back xx

  2. Kristel Jenkins

    I just subscribe…I love your channel. Really great video…hope you can
    sub back to my channel thank you. Love the accent by the way. Xoxo

  3. Breanna M.

    Going to go to ulta tomorrow and pick up a new palette with Christmas
    money. Can’t decide if I want the original Naked palette or the Too Faced
    chocolate bar. After watching this I’m still undecided but am way better
    informed! Thank you!

  4. Mari Calikes

    I ♡ my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! It’s definitely worth the money as
    the eye shadows are quality and smell of cocoa.
    Cocoa has the added benefit of being good for your skin. 

  5. poutybloom30

    Wow they look so so similar! really good if your on a budget! i dont own
    any too faced palette but i need too lol love the packaging! x x

  6. Hunniebunches020405

    great video! i don’t own the too faced chocolate bar palette so i might
    just pick up the i heart makeup one instead! the colors look almost
    identical and it’s so much cheaper! :)

  7. The Barcelona Edit

    Im giving away this palette on my channel if anyone is interested 🙂 I
    think its a really good dupe with the exception of Salted Caramel :p

  8. Bunny Payne

    That just shows most make-up products cost pennies to make….. And that we
    really are paying for the feelgood factor of using a high-end product? I’m
    guessing the manufacturing costs of both palettes will be very similar…
    Too faced go for exclusivity, I heart make up are going for mass sales?

    Just discovered make up Revolution and I have to say the prices are totally
    amazing ! where else can you get a mascara for 3 pounds and lipstick for 1
    Thank you for your review I have now ordered this palette, the cheap one.
    Got a lot of high-end products but how many can you really use? no ….make
    up Revolution is going get a lot of my money!!

  9. LadyEMC2TV .

    Hi Danielle. Great review. It’s uncanny how much the eyeshadows resemble
    one another. It was hard to tell which one was which on your eyes. ☺️

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