How to Melt Chocolate, the Right Way! – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

When melting chocolate, has it goes from smooth and also satiny to a grainy clump quickly at all? If you’re pondering exactly what triggered it, the solution is that the delicious chocolate can be found in call with water …
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JFT examines some Kinder Chocolate Xmas products: Kinder Kleine Weichnachtsmänner (little Santa Claus for Xmas Tree), Kinder Schokolade minis Sterne (Sta …

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  1. Debby Kaufman

    How do you temper chocolate? I melt my chocolate in the microwave, and when
    it is all melted I add a few more chunks of the hard chocolate and stir to
    melt. I found this method somewhere but was wondering if this was truly
    tempering the chocolate? Thanks!

  2. Muneera A.h

    Thank yoooou for the great video
    But will the chocolate shown in the second way set? You said we couldn’t
    use it to cover strawberries ; why is that?

  3. Katie T

    I’m not a very good baker and have seized more chocolate than I care to
    admit so this was a great conundrum to watch. Question though, why can’t
    you use it to coat fruit or pretzels ect after it has seized? Does the
    flavor change? 

  4. Asia Pietrulewicz

    “that you were going to throw away”? There’s no way I’d throw away
    chocolate, clumped or not. You should never waste food like that.

  5. Jean Al Aloosi

    The way he described the chocolate was so pretentious it made me feel rich
    for a second there; I love it, and to be honest it’s one of the reasons
    this is one of the best channels out there!

  6. Tramanh Nguyen

    Can you show us how to properly store fruits, vegetables, and herbs to
    prolong shelf life? My strawberries go bad so quickly! Also can you show us
    the best method for defrosting various meats? 

  7. JunkFoodTasterDotCom

    I’m doing the Christmas stuff now, because I originally bought too much and
    was not able to make movies about it in the original Xmas Period in 2013 ;)

  8. Denise Ziegler

    i just made so many likes on your videos but were do you get this stuff???.
    i herd that one girl said do you live in the USA???. I’m mean you!!!! 

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