How To Make Weed Hot Chocolate

Chocolate-maker and ethnobotanist Brian Wallace– the creator of Endorfin Chocolat– educates us on exactly how to make a fantastic cannabis-infused chai-spiced warm chocolate made with almond milk and …


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  1. Tony Laberti

    Highest rated comment: *This guy is a great host.*
    Second highest rated comment: *This guy is such a douche.*

    Youtube in a nutshell.

  2. NeoGunHero

    This guy really knows what he’s talking about… but I’m not understanding
    any of it lol didn’t know one could know this much about chocolate

  3. Harry Sachs

    All these stoners in the comments complaining about “not enough to get you
    high”. you got this great recipe for hot chocolate now and how to infuse
    weed into it. If you have high tolerance, just use more weed, jeez.

  4. ForceOfWizardry

    Now it’s two things your girl should be making you each and every day and
    thats this and a sammich

  5. WGF93

    I can’t even smoke/eat weed due to anxiety, but my gosh this guy needs more
    episodes! He is the man! Such a decent chap

  6. Alexandrea Garza

    These were so good! I’m going to make them very soon! I had such a fun time
    hanging out with you Lainey, hope we see each other again soon! xo

  7. Gemma Stafford

    +SimplyBakings I loved your cookies, Lainey. And the gold dust was such a
    lovely addition. It was great celebrating along with you!

  8. Kin Community

    +SimplyBakings These cookies were beautiful & delicious! You have the
    golden touch! 🙂 #HappilyEverKin

  9. Issac Wong

    Thanks for sharing. My question is how can I get those colorful melts?
    Safeway? Target? Or I use white chocolate chips instead? To melt them..?

  10. Robert Mahar

    Lainey, these were so yummy! Now I want to dip every thing in chocolate
    with gold sprinkles! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  11. TheSquishyMonster

    Looks like you ladies had a ton of fun–love how quick and easy these are.
    Great touch with the dust on top–you’re a cookie fairy, Lainey!

  12. Mariel Espinosa

    It’s not really a recipe if all you do is dip cookies in chocolate, lol..
    Still looks pretty though.

  13. Studio Knit

    Hi, +SimplyBakings – I had so much fun spending the day with you at the Kin
    House! It was such an extra treat that you sent us home with your extra
    Chocolate Dipped Cookies! They were so delicious and really fun to eat gold
    sprinkles. I have to make some myself now, too! Happy Baking!

  14. Caldella

    Cute and simple! Now I want to go try that homemade Oreo recipe. =) I’ve
    been putting that off for a while.

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