How To Make Handmade Chocolate Roses

“An increased by other name would scent as pleasant”~– Shakespeare Simply 2 Substances Needed: 1 extra pound of dark delicious chocolate 5 fl oz corn syrup I apologize that I do not have the components where I made …
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For the initial time ever before overall of youtube i show you how you can make actual milk chocolate. Additionally look into the complying with connect to view my Youtube initial and also first to make videos on how you can …

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  1. Michele Parisio

    Hi Is it possible to use a substitute for corn syrup. (Its probably thé
    worst ingrédient anyone can use!) It should be banned! Michèlexx

  2. TehPurpleOne

    Is it okay if we use baker’s white chocolate since it’s actual chocolate
    and not processed like chocolate chips?

  3. angiel516

    Just in case there are any confused commenters, Frosting sugar, powdered
    sugar, and confectioners sugar are all the same thing.

  4. Ivonne Pineda

    For everyone that says that the powdered sugar doesn’t dissolve, maybe you
    should try adding just a little bit at a time and mix it with a fork to
    break up any clumps. Same goes for the powdered milk

  5. Hayden Kasich

    When I attempted to make this, it turned out ok, nice dark texture however
    still small white lumps which look a bit rubbish, has anyone got any tips
    to get rid of this? Any suggestions are helpful.


    This recipe is bullshit. The icing doesn’t fucking melt. I wish if people
    put up REAL recipes not fake crap!

  7. Ásta Svavarsdóttir

    Hi, Thanks for this recipe, I tried and it tastes jummy but there is one
    problem…my powdered milk didn´t dissolve! I tried again and put the
    powdered milk in first, after the cocoa butter but It was just the same.
    I´m I doing something wrong. The powdered milk´s can says : dry whole
    milk, rich and creamy. Do I have the wrong product?
    best regards from Iceland 🙂
    Ásta Svavars.

  8. AllasYummyFood

    Hello! Great video! Please help me reach 6,000 subscribers! I love cooking
    and baking! I would appreciate your help! 🙂 xxx

  9. Alexandra Pechabadens

    I don’t know how you can cope with those comments… I couldn’t, they’d
    drive me nuts! Thanks forr sharing this recipe, I am going to have a go at
    it now. Hard to find on Google using proper ingredients, like in the
    commercially made chocolate!

  10. Shaoxuan Li

    hello Todd, very helpful video. Do you know if honey or any kind of syrup
    can be used as substitute for icing sugar? How do i know if a syrup has any
    water in it? 

  11. Veikko Havula

    Wait a sec in Finland we make chocolate from normal milk and its better
    then any chocolate i have ever tasted so.

  12. Gabriella 가비

    +Todd’s Kitchen I can tell this is an awesome chocolate recipe, may I know
    how long the chocolate save to consume, expiry date since the date you made
    it? Thanks for sharing

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