How to Make Chocolate Tacos from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Check out the blog here: Find out the best ways to make chocolate dessert tacos in this video tutorial. This recipe will certainly make …
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  1. Ianaz

    subhanAllah the amount of sugar in this recipe, do you feel any guilt at
    all in your conscience when u recommend them in ur videos? 

  2. Lauren Victoria

    Omg. These look so good. My kids would love them. I’m on my way to get
    cocoa powder. I just don’t have the taco stands :(

  3. redhotsweetpotatoe

    Wow, these are so fun and clever! I know you love to do rainbow colors
    desserts… I think these could also be fun done using a yellow/white cake
    type batter, (adding white chocolate if you want so you could still call
    them chocolate tacos), and coloring the tacos in fun, bright colors. The
    possibilities are endless…. even dying coconut green for lettuce or
    chocolate shavings made using green candy melts.

  4. marvin luo

    I would use the same chocolate taco, add mint chocolate chip ice cream and
    mint fudge plus those awesome giant m&ms 

  5. Misty Hager

    Love this!! This is such a great idea, especially for a kids bday party!!
    Love your videos. Cause you actually show step by step of everything you do
    instead of just saying what you do. Thanks for all the good videos!!

  6. Josh Hall

    Hey Jen i made a peanutbutter truffle swerl and i topped to off with some
    butter scotch icecream and sprunkles ibshould make a viedo on it thanks

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