How to Make Chocolate Lace Dessert Cups

A variant of my preferred chocolate shoelace doily and cake wrap videos, this installment of Recipes for a Sweet Life reveals ways to make freestanding chocolate dess …
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  1. Julia M Usher

    +Joicy Juhasz Prestes Thanks! If you work with any one of the high-grade
    chocolates that I mention, all you have to do is melt it over barely
    simmering water in a double boiler set on low heat. Heat until it is JUST
    melted and no longer, as over-heating the chocolate is one thing that will
    cause it to seize (thicken and become difficult to pipe).

  2. Julia M Usher

    +Tehrim Idris YouTube would not let me tag you, so I hope you see this: If
    you do not temper the chocolate, it can be out for about 30 minutes or so
    (depending on your room temp, no more than 65 F) before wilting. If you’ve
    tempered the chocolate, it can sit out longer. But it’s all a function of
    your ambient temperature; I don’t recommend displaying them at any temp
    hotter than 65 to 70F. Also, store them in the refrigerator if not

  3. Julia M Usher

    + Sage Shepherd YouTube won’t let me tag you. so I hope you see this.
    Thanks for the feedback. I just shot my next round of videos (and tempering
    was not in it). But I’ll keep it in mind for a future shoot.

  4. rickames

    AHHHH MAAAA ZZZZ IIII NNNGGG! AMAZING! In my dreams I’ve never would of
    thought of doing this or figuring out how to do this, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!
    WONDERFUL. Whoever gave this a thumbs down shouldn’t be allowed to vote!
    Will check out your other videos later…Wonderful.

  5. Helen Rennie

    Hi Julia,

    Just wanted to say how much I love your work. I teach cooking classes in
    Boston, but don’t do pastry and I am always on the look out for good pastry
    resources to refer my students to. Unfortunately, many youtube videos are
    not detailed enough and focus more on finger licking and moaning over
    desserts than demonstrating a technique in detail and explaining somewhat
    tricky concepts to make them accessible to home cooks. Thank you for being
    such a wonderful source of information! I have just added you to “featured
    channels” on my channel and hope that my students and subscribers discover
    your craftsmanship.


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