How To Make Chocolate Balloon Bowls…

Hi guys, Here is a tutorial on how to make chocolate balloon bowls. These are ideal for a dinner celebration or for just pigging out! Attempt eating your cereal out …
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  1. CarlyToffle

    I’m having trouble replying to some comments; I think it has something to
    do with Google+.

    Ananya Mital – I’m using baking paper :-)

  2. Buz Lightfoot

    It does not matter which balloons I use and how long I leave the chocolate
    to cool my balloons burst or the chocolate sticks to the balloon. I have
    tried water balloons and normal balloons. I really need help.

  3. Dark Demons

    When ever I make it it constantly breaks iv had to dip it in let it dry and
    dip it in again to thicken it 🙁 when ever I peel the ballon off gentally
    it breaks a peice of chocolate 🙁 what am I doing wrong :/

  4. skylar payne

    i tried this and the balloon popped on me while dipping it in the
    chocolate…….how do i prevent this from happening

  5. Rebecca Choi

    I want to have the kids at my daughter’s birthday party make these and add
    ice cream. If I don’t have the refrigerator space. Will they work if I
    just leave them out on the counter top?

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