Hot Chocolate Dispensers

Hot Chocolate Dispensers by Cecilware come as powdered hot chocolate dispensers and liquid hot chocolate dispensers. This write-up is about the hot powdered hot chocolate dispensers. These dispensers have direct drive gear systems, are self cleaning, and have drip trays and vacuum steam removal systems to hold the powder dry. They come in single flavor models, two flavor models and in a three flavor model. All of these dispensers require a .25 inch water line. There electrical needs are a 120 volt line cord with a Nema plug 5-15R that will handle 1.eight KW on a 15 amp circuit, except for the Super Ski models. The Super Ski models require a 20/240 volt line that will handle 6 KW on a 25 amp circuit. Optional voltage request are obtainable at a five% addition to the base price. All dispensers are black except the Super Ski models, which are stainless steel. Portion amount come set at six ounces portion control is offered for an added charge based on the model.

The single flavor powdered hot chocolate dispensers come in four models and come with not-lit doors. The smallest a single, the stainless steel mini, has a hopper with an eight pound capacity. The tank capacity is .6 (6/10) of a gallon with a burst capacity of 12 primarily based on a six ounce cup serving. This model has a mini shipper, even though the subsequent larger model that has a 2 gallon tank capacity has a compact whipper (auger) and has a burst capacity of 38 based on the 6 ounce cup serving.  The model with a normal size whipper has a 2 gallon tank capacity with burst capacity of 42 primarily based on the six ounce cup serving. The fourth single hopper dispenser has a ski whipper and a 14 pound capacity hopper. The tank capacity on this model is also bigger with a 3.five gallon tank. The burst capacity on this model is 93 servings primarily based on a 6 ounce cup serving.

The two flavor models start with compact whipper and two hoppers and a capacity of 4 pounds each and every. The tank capacity is two gallons and it has a burst capacity of 38 servings. The next size larger has a ski whipper and two 14 pound hoppers and an 8 gallon tank. The burst capacity on this model is 131 cups primarily based on the six ounce size. The fourth and fifth sizes have ski and super ski, which requires a 230 volt line with varying kilowatts and amps. These models have two 14 pound hoppers and an eight.five gallon tank capacity. The burst rate on these models is 131 cups primarily based on a 6 ounce size serving.

The three flavor model has a compact whipper, three 4 pound hoppers and a two gallon tank. The burst capacity for this model is 38 per serving primarily based a 6 ounce serving. The larger kilowatts requirement for this model the fourth and fifth sizes of the two flavor models makes for a more quickly recovery of hot water. The fifth model of the two flavor size comes with a lit door all others can add a lit door at an extra cost.

These hot chocolate dispensers are constructed to last a extended due to new technology and easy care. They are also constructed to fit the assortment of needs that have been requested in the previous. Whatever your need to have, Cecilware will be satisfied to function with you and fulfill your require. 

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