Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 249

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Video Rating: 4 / five

Skip the bakery and head to your kitchen due to the fact this simple chocolate cake roll recipe will be the star of your subsequent gathering. Julie teaches us how to make this impressive chocolate cake roll…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. iman mo

    no disrespect to laura she is an amazing coock but i would prefer starbucks
    hot chocholate, those guys got the secret to it.

  2. Jenica Hussey

    Blah, I tried it… Way to sweet for me its like a gnash. Its okay for
    having a little bit. My friend really enjoyed it. The expresso you can
    totally taste tho. I doubled everything to make 2 servings. But in reality
    one serving is for 3 people.. i didn’t know that.

  3. Zubayer Ahmed Sufi

    Nutella with hot milk xD best hot chocolate ever! U can’t compare it with
    any other hot chocolate recipes 

  4. KeepCalm AndASMR

    This is my hot chocolate.
    – Packed Swiss Miss
    – Hot milk
    – Marshmallows
    – Cool whip
    – Fluff
    But i will try yours! It looks pretty good:)

  5. Food Luv Bites

    Wow, I make hot cocoa all the time and have never thought about adding
    heavy cream. Will def give this one a go!

  6. Afshaa Hakim

    Omg. The hot chocolate ❤️ IT was like heaven on earth! And yes, after this
    I can’t even have any other hot chocolate. Thank youuu 😀 And I see your
    videos all the time but I’m like an extremely lazy person, I’m going to try
    the fudge brownies soon! 😀 

  7. Shay DeLuca

    Mother. Of. God. I literally finished making this about ten minutes ago,
    and she wasn’t joking. I did it without the espresso powder and only used
    milk chocolate, but I cannot describe this to you guys. It’s incredible.

  8. whats cooking

    Hi John – A toaster oven doesn’t have the same temperature control as a
    real oven. It is not intended for baking.

  9. Rini Prava

    my oven does not have any option for pre heat but has got option of desert
    with number of serving person and percentage of power (e.g. des1 = 10%
    heat, des2 = 20% …des10 = 100%) and the brand of my oven is Whirpool..so
    how much power i should select to cook it ?

  10. SomethingScanning

    I forgot to buy food on Saturday and it’s Sunday now, so I’ll just eat
    visually by looking at delicious foods on the internet :'(

  11. Mimi Damur

    Funny how she kept on saying perfect, no its not perfect. The cake is too
    dry and the end product isn’t attractive. 

  12. Pirate Rin

    Why not make your own whipped topping, it’s really not that hard to do. And
    if it, why not use ready-whip at least it’s made with cream and not oil
    like cool whip.

  13. fuzzytiger desserts

    that is a very dry cake…. make you icing before hand and then evenly
    spread it onto the cake (prevents cracking) this lady is an amateur

  14. Josiah Rodriguez

    it perfect I just made it no problems with t towel . for your information
    LaDolcevita37 most people use a t towel for roll cakes so before you
    comment think

  15. Jammin Dave

    Don’t know why people are complaining about this video presentation. In my
    opinion, I think she nailed it. Rolling a sheet of cake is not that easy.
    It will be cracking’s and it will be tear. In addition, the cracking is
    going to be covered, anyway. Gosh!!! 

  16. simran pusatkar

    i don understand y people only make out errors or mistake evn if somebody
    is duing a great job!!!!!!!!……….this cake roll is fab…jst
    yyuuuuuummmmm :D

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