Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Bar, Twilight Delight 72% Cacao, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6)

Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Bar, Twilight Delight 72% Cacao, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6)

Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Bar, Twilight Delight 72% Cacao, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6) Rating:
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Reward your self with our rich, slow-melting dark chocolate, crafted fro the highest good quality components. Savor a second that will carry you through your day.


  • Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolates deliver luxuriously deep and velvety chocolate blended with sophisticated ingredients
  • These bars are delicately thin, allowing the chocolate to melt slowly in your mouth?a truly intense chocolate experience
  • We hand-select the world's finest cocoa beans to create our proprietary bean blend and roast them to perfection then we slow-blend in the purest ingredients, to achieve our award-winning distinctively intense chocolate
  • Pack of 6 - 3.5 ounce bars
  • Gluten-Free; Made in USA

Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Bar, Twilight Delight 72% Cacao, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6) 4.5 out of 5 based on 221 ratings. 221 user reviews
Chocolate Bars Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Bar, Twilight Delight 72% Cacao, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6) Reward your self with our rich, slow-melting dark chocolate, crafted fro the highest good quality components. Savor a second that will carry you through your day. $15.28
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    Ghirardelli certainly measures up to its track record for tasty, gourmet chocolate with this bar. For those who are made use of to semisweet or sweet delicious chocolate, the taste of this bar may seem incredibly bitter and take some acquiring utilized to. But for those which are useded to dark chocolate, the taste is sublime. The structure is likewise exceptional, and the product packaging charming. Basically, this bar is a dark-chocolate lover’s dream. The question some might ask who enjoy wonderful, milk chocolate is, why pay additional money (frequently fairly a little much more) for dark delicious chocolate that doesn’t try specifically pleasant? The main reason for the majority of individuals in the over-50 crowd is the health and wellness advantages to be gotten from consuming dark delicious chocolate. Over the last four years there have actually been lots of clinical researches examining and confirming substantial health profit from a small amount of dark chocolate taken in daily. The most up to date lookings for from a Harvard research released in very early 2011 indicate that as little as 6 gm. of dark chocolate (about 30 calories) is an enough day-to-day “dose.” The original German researches in 2007 made use of Ritter Sporting activity chocolate, however I have not up until now managed to find which sort of Ritter’s dark delicious chocolate was utilized by the specialists. Nonetheless, because Ritter’s only makes two kinds, 50 % cacao and 71 % cacao, this product, at 72 % cacao, matches well within the parameters of that research. An equivalent amount of this chocolate compared with that in the study would certainly be one-half of one of its individual squares/sections. (Note: the package deal specifies a “serving” as “3 sections” which is 38 gms. This is 6 times the quantity should boost your health.)The health and wellness benefits of dark delicious chocolate are because of the flavonoids had in cocoa. Flavonoids work as anti-oxidants in the body, which both avoid and minimize swelling. Over many years of clinical study, inflammation has been found to contribute to or directly create a host of diseases, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, along with autoimmune diseases like arthritis. Flavonoids are discovered in the pigments of fruits and vegetables which give them their shade. The darker and deeper the colour of a fruit or veggie, the greater the quantity of flavonoids it includes. Chocolate is originated from the dark-brown cacao grain, which is the fruit of the tropical tree, theobroma cacao. In any type of chocolate item, such as this one, the higher the percent of cocoa/cacao, the more flavonoids the delicious chocolate consists of. Dark chocolate such as this item is better for your health than milk chocolate because it has even more anti-oxidants, which benefit you, and less sweets, which is bad for you– particularly if you have diabetes or are struggling with your weight. The FDA determines groups of chocolate based upon the amount of cocoa/cacao is in a given product:1. Bitter delicious chocolate without ingredients is ONE HUNDRED % chocolate. Most all brands of unsweetened baker’s delicious chocolate fall into this group. Their component listing will certainly state simply, “delicious chocolate.”2. Bittersweet chocolate has 35-99 % cocoa (35 % is the minimum), and it needs to contain less compared to 12 % milk solids. There is a huge assortment of products in this group, and the product names mirror the amount of delicious chocolate they include. Bitter delicious chocolate is really harsh, and the a lot more cocoa in a product, the less room for sugar, and the much more harsh it will be. To avoid frightening off customers who are made use of to wonderful delicious chocolate, marketing experts usually replace the words “dark,” “added dark” or “extreme” for “bitter” if that word is not coupleded with “pleasant,” for instance as “bittersweet” or “semisweet” or “added bittersweet.”3. Sweet delicious chocolate consists of 15-34 % cacao (15 % is the minimum), and it needs to consist of much less compared to 12 % milk solids. It is sometimes additionally marketed as “dark delicious chocolate,” even though it has a much lesser portion of cocoa solids compared to bittersweet, which could cause consumers, in such instances, to acquire a product with less cacao in it compared to they realized they were getting. Everything else besides the cacao and milk solids is basically sweets.4. Milk delicious chocolate is just needed to have a minimum of 10 % chocolate, a minimum of 12 % milk solids and 3.39 % milk fat. The rest is sugar and milk. Per the plan, the ingredients of this “all natural,” dark-chocolate bar are: bitter chocolate, sweets, cocoa butter, vanilla, and soy lecithin. Individuals which dislike nuts (featuring peanuts and plant nuts), soya, and milk must not consume this item because it is produced with the same devices that refines those things and indications might be in this chocolate.


    I do not do a lot of baking, yet when a recipe of mine require chocolate, I would always use Valrhona. No exemptions. I uncovered it by mishap at a neighborhood Williams-Sonoma (10-11 years ago) and to present it lacks an uncertainty the most attractive bar of delicious chocolate I have ever before experienced (terrifying I know, LOL). A couple of years ago (much to my dismay) Williams-Sonoma quit marketing all Valrhona products. In the future I might conveniently buy online, however then I required something immediately. I don’t forget attempting Lindt’s 70 % dark bar and thought that it was much too bitter. I have actually never ever been a a significant follower of Godiva (also expensive anyway), so as a last hope I travelled on over to my regional Shoprite. I was surprised at their choice. I was additionally surprised to see exactly what appeared to be a fee line from Ghirardelli. Now I have actually always felt that Ghirardelli’s chocolate performed par with claim Hershey, other than just a little bit more expensive. So if all I desire is an easy bar of delicious chocolate to chew adverse, why invest the extra dough on Ghirardelli when I can just get Hershey? Yet I had an excellent feeling about this particular 72 % bar they called “Twilight Delight”. At $2.50 a pop for a 3.5 oz bar it definitely had not been going to break the bank (I now see it on sale fairly typically at $1.99). As quickly as I obtained residence I had to taste it. I was floored. A lot better compared to the Lindt and MUCH cheaper than any type of bar of Godiva. Still not like Valrhona, yet a very, QUITE deserving substitute. So much so that as long as I can discover this at my local Shoprite, I will never ever go out of my way to buy Valrhona online once again. And I LOOOOOOOOVE Valrhona. However the expense factor simply just not validate spending that much for delicious chocolate. Particularly when this premium bar of Ghirardelli is so very scrumptious!


    Allow me begin by saying I don’t like dark chocolate. I eat a very small item everyday for the incredible wellness perks of having this very antioxidant secure my canals from oral plaque buildup and stop heart problem, a leading cause of death. If I have to “require” myself to consume dark delicious chocolate, well, that’s a sacrifice I will gladly make. I have tried many brands of these dark chocolate bars, which are always classified with the specific portion of cacao contained in each. I have actually attempted the ones that are as long as 90 % cacao and can not allow the bitterness. This is ideal at 72 % cacao as far as being strongly satisfactory in my mouth and offering me a rich improvement of safety antioxidants. I just consume a couple of bites of this everyday. The dark delicious chocolate is so abundant in bioflavanoids and anti-oxidants that a really small piece delivers a powerhouse of lipid disposal and cavity enducing plaque defense with a minimum of fat and calories. There have actually been numerous researches of the wellness perks of day-to-day consumption of cacao (cocoa)and it is immediately up there in the top five meals that boost wellness and lead to long life. There was a fifteen year study of older guys which was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine a couple of years earlier. This research found a remarkable fifty percent reduction in heart attacks. There was a forty 7 percent reduction in death from all reasons for guys which regularly ate the most cacao when compared to those that ate the least. The taste of this specific brand name of delicious chocolate bar is tasty. With this 72 % cacao bar they have hit the magic balance of preference experience and wellness advantages. It is suggested that for the most protective antioxidant advantages, you need to eat one oz per day of cacao. I make one of these bars last four days. And I consider it my everyday sweet surprise. To eat something this delectable and understand it’s working a small miracle in my physical body is a perk few foods can match. This brand is the hand’s down victor in my taste test. It has made a delicious chocolate fan out of me.


    Cooking with these are wonderful for the purity of delicious chocolate. Intending to make a mousse with just water – fills the need for good chocolate.


    This splendid bar of dark chocolate paradise is a close second to my favorite, the Scharffen Berger 70 %. They are slightly various with the Ghiradelli having, for shortage of a much better word, a darker taste. Not richer. Not smoother. Maybe much more mellow is a better means to explain it. It resembles the distinction between an all new elegant bedspread that you simply brought home and unwrapped and are so thrilled to see exactly how it views on your bed (the Scharffen Berger) and pulling out the soothing aged quilt your grandmother made that you have actually liked your whole life (the Ghiradelli). They are both terrific, will certainly keep you cozy and make you delighted. You can’t fail in either case. This chocolate is tasty. If you like dark chocolate, you’ll enjoy this one!


    I used to stay away from delicious chocolate because I understood from someplace that chocolate misbehaved for you. Well, it made sense. Anything that good merely had to misbehave for you, didn’t it? After that I read through someplace that chocolate was now taken into consideration to be helpful for you. Huh? It was something regarding bunches of anitoxidents. It was one of those points that stuck in my mind. Oh, because article, it likewise claimed that the darker the chocolate, the better it was for you. Go figure. And the darker the delicious chocolate, the better I’ve constantly liked it. Well, I likewise made use of to think that delicious chocolate was bad since it had a high fat content and fat was considered bad. But nowadays, nutritionists point out that there misbehaves fat deposits and excellent fat and delicious chocolate has the excellent kind. Just what’s a guy gonna do? Well, all this hurried to mind when I was walking the sweet isle at a close-by grocery store and spotted a Ghirardelli Intense Dark delicious chocolate bar (3.5 ounces) with 72 % Cacao. Modern health and nutrition is magnificent. In the past, I wouldn’t even have actually paid any type of focus, but right here was something that could enhance my wellness, approximately I justified. Alas, the bar was impossible to pass by. Did I mention that this bar was really delicious? Gary Peterson


    My beloved basic dark delicious chocolate. Dark delicious chocolate benefits you, the darker the much better. 72 % is the darkest the majority of folks could stand. I love the squares which aid me control my portions. 4 squares is the offering size SO if you simply consume one a day it has to do with 60 calories! Ghirardelli is middle of the road for premium delicious chocolates meanings they’re actually good.


    These are exact very same delicious chocolates you will certainly locate in stores, so you will understand exactly what to anticipate. Just what I didn’t anticipate is that the bars are in vacuumed tight plastic bag, in another box with dry ice to keep it neat throughout delivery. Came in fantastic health condition!


    Superb texture, exceptional taste equilibrium. Of all the brand names we’ve attempted, this is the most effective. with the possible exception of Valor sweets free of cost with coffee, which is no longer offered. This would be the ideal morning meal delicious chocolate for my diabetic better half if were just sugar-free! However it’s still a superb proeuct.


    I purchased this delicious chocolate for my sweetheart, she adores dark delicious chocolate. Given that there are 6 of these in the package, I wound up with a some extra chocolate than I needed. So I attempted a few of it, although I generally don’t like dark chocolate. Its often harsh or dry when I eat it. This product on the other hand, is not. The chocolate is extremely smooth, not too bitter, and leaves a great chocolate aftertaste. Hell, I may also be getting even more of it ultimately for myself!


    This bar has simply the right amount of sugar to delicious chocolate ratio. Not also bitter and not as well sweet. Perfect !!


    Allow it thaw in your mouth with marginal munching for the best taste. Stuffed with freezer bags and with extremely fast shipment, it still had not been fairly adequate to withstand the initial ONE HUNDRED+F degree day in midtown Phoenix and Scottsdale. One bar on the really outside of the stack of 6 bars was plainly melted eventually, and the chocolate oxidized at the actual end of the bar, and was hard-textured for the first item or more, where it re-solidified. I feared this would certainly be the case on the other bars, but it was only minimally the case on the bar right beside the outdoors one. The remainder were fine and scrumptious. I’m passing away to know if the Godiva brand name of 70+% cacao chocolate, which sells for regarding two times the rate, is in any means better compared to this, yet I’m seriously hesitant to pay the rate to figure out. So if any individual has actually tried both of these, I invite your point of view regarding this.


    I’m not too large of a dark delicious chocolate supporter. I brought it to try it out myself. It’s tasty and it is also packaged well. Shipped swiftly too! On the whole, it is a quality product and I would more than likely purchase it again.


    I have actually attempted all sort of dark chocolate, and this is my all-time preferred! Great price, too! It has to do with time to buy another box …


    Twilight Delight is my favorite of the Ghiradelli Intense Dark collection! I like the Twelve o’clock at night Reverie, as well, however it approach as well dark for me Twilight Pleasure is definitely my selection of dark chocolate, and I like being able to buy the multi load here on Amazon, so I never ever run out. Twilight Pleasure is not too dark, not as well light, just the right amount of sweet taste. I love the velvety structure, which is sometimes shed in dark delicious chocolates, yet it likewise has a refined tip of nibby structure as well At about 67 calories for one square, I can have a rewarding delicious chocolate extravagance without depriving myself or feeling guilty.


    I am a chocolate lover and this bar suits the expense. It’s cacao material improves the taste and satisfies the demand for a sweet chocolate treat. I have attempted great deals of various chocolates however always return to Ghirardelli and will continuously doing this in the future.


    I think this brand is the most effective in its category, It is a little bitter but I like it significantly and its healthy also delicious!


    Research has actually revealed that Dark Delicious chocolate (the darker the much better) is very healthy and balanced for guys– and for lady after menopause!


    I acquired these bars not for mouthwatering chocolate but for the supposed dark chocolate offers. Hence I crack each bar in to separate attacks and each one each day. Does doing this do me any excellent? I don’t understand however can just state that I have actually seen no difference in how I feelWould I suggest this delicious chocolate; I know no factor not to aside from to say that it is clearly of top quality without discernible (by taste) hard to digest content like so many of delicious chocolate cookies contain nowadays.


    These are very good dark chocolate bars, with smooth, abundant and intense delicious chocolate flavor, as advertised. I really felt a “chocolate buzz” after eating a few squares. The preference is just a little pleasant, with a harsh aftertaste characteristic of higher cacao content chocolate. The preference is not as creamy as one may expect, provided the fat material of 17 grams each 38 gram (1.4 oz.) offering– maybe because of the harsh preference, as well as considering that there is no added dairy fat. This is a good product for those who want to stay clear of dairy products and/or gluten, although according to the packaging, tracks of dairy products might be present. WARNING: take in with care. Both my spouse and I experienced small belly cramping– me after consuming half a bar, and she after consuming only 1 square. It’s potent chocolate!

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