Frozen “Hot” Chocolate

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  1. ByronTalbott

    Unfortunately (and fortunately, lol) this drink is traditionally a pretty
    sweet drink, but the recipe can be easily adjusted to your liking. Anyways,
    thanks for watching and keep the requests coming for the next #drinkweek
    recipe! ;)

  2. kacaramel

    could i somehow incorporate baileys into this its soo good i tried this
    before and it was so delicious <3 

  3. JustJ

    This looks heavenly. =) I was just wondering, do you think it will still
    turn out all right if I don’t add sugar? The ice cream is pretty sweet
    already, so I’m hoping it will be all right. 

  4. HouseOfAqua

    I just made this following your video – turned out excellent! I like the
    dark chocolate, it helps to balance out the sweetness. 

  5. AeroDoe

    I always end up regretting that I ordered this at Serendipity. It’s messy
    and not made with the care demonstrated here. This looks good though.

  6. TRSjulie

    Any ideas of what I could substitute for cream that’s dairy free? Both soy
    and almond milk come in varieties that are sweetened and make them more
    like a cream, but probably not thick enough. I haven’t tried whipping, yet,
    so I guess I need to get into the kitchen and see for myself! 

  7. Ania D

    I’ve always wanted to go to Serendipity! My plan is to get my mom to join
    me on a New York trip one Christmas break :)

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