Eating Chocolate Covered Bugs!

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Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. matthew mikhail

    U on the right u gonna be my bitch so u will fuck me until ur pussy bleads
    and my dick hurts so bitch lets go to an alley and fuck each other!!!!

  2. Rainbow Loom Lovers

    Awesome video guys! You should do the blindfolded make up challenge to each
    other, or do some prank calls! I would love to see that! <3

  3. DEgames

    I’ve eaten deep fried tarantula legs and tarantula abdomen. This is
    nothing! (Btw I have also eaten chocolate covered whole locusts!!)

  4. Dazja Mccurry

    You are very pretty I have subscribed and was wondering if u could do the
    same keep up the great work u are amazing 

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