DIY Chocolate Leaves ♡ Fall Decor / Nature Lovers

Hey! Its not fall here in New Zealand, but if you are a nature lover like me you will take any opportunity to bring leaves, flowers and other stunning thing…

Chocolate is a suspense action thriller about a two East Indians who are suspected to be part of daring robbery from an armored car carrying billions of pounds in London. A crime journalist…
Video Rating: three / 5

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  1. Rebeka Vevoo

    Ela, you make awesome videos!! This is probably the best one! Can you maybe
    make a Christmas decoration inspired video? That would be great!

  2. CharliGirlToast

    When I first started to watch I thought you were gonna eat the leaf covered
    in chocolate. I was like “noooo girl you lost me” but then I saw you peel
    them off. xD haha. Great video. I’m trying for thanksgiving 

  3. AndreaaLoveeXO

    I really love your videos! You’re just very soft spoken and I you can just
    tell your videos are made to make people smile 


    It was very clear from the first scene itself that they are liars …. so
    there is no point watching this movie…. its useless.

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