Day to Night Makeup Tutorial feat. TooFaced Chocolate Bar Palette

Verify out and for much more makeup tutorials, photos, solution reviews, and far more! Hey Guys! In this video I decided to do a day to evening makeup…

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  1. Lavinia Tanzim

    I love your face! Your eyes look just like Anne Hathaway’s, you pretty much
    look like her in general haha, I’m sure you get that all the time.

  2. jenlovesjuice17

    Can I just say I freaking love your face! I love how prominent all your
    features are it makes you look very exotic (: I have big dark brown eyes
    and big lips like you so I find your videos very helpful (: I just found
    you and you’re one of my favorite youtubers! 

  3. Esmeralda De Leon

    Love both looks 🙂 I don’t have the Chocolate Bar Palette but I do have a
    few others that have shades that will substitute perfectly! Also, thank you
    for not using false lashes all the time! It’s really nice because let’s be
    honest, those falsies only come out on special occasions for a lot of us 🙂

  4. Daisy's Heart

    You remind me of the late Brittany Murphy. I loved her! New subbie here. I
    have a channel if you wanna give it a peek. Not that you subbing back is my
    intention, you truly are just too cute and talented! ;)

  5. Pixie82

    Just discovered your channel and really love both the looks that you
    created. So glad to have some new ideas to try :)

  6. Shelby Spence

    Both of these looks are amazing! I will def be trying them when my
    Chocolate Bar comes in. I just stumbled upon your channel and I can already
    tell it’s going to be a favorite!

  7. Meggie Price

    I bought the palette today and found you searching for two face chocolate
    bar- you did a fabulous job changing your look and a great job explaining
    it. I am a complete newbie and you really helped!

  8. Kissel Elizalde

    New subbie here. I love your tutorials! You explain things quite well, so
    one can follow easily. More tutorials please. Thanks! :)

  9. chippichip

    you are so sweet and funny!!! i love yourtutorials and your taste in
    makeup. you look like a young,hipster Ann Hathsway :)

  10. fashioniztahgirl

    First time watching you and whoa nelly!!…i was like…she look so much
    like Anne Hathaway…you two could be twins! 🙂 

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