Chocolate Truffles Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Chocolate Truffle Ann Reardon

Chocolate Truffles Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Chocolate Truffle Ann Reardon

Truffle Dish: Subscribe: How you can Cook That Network: Make Delicious chocolate Truffles, easy …

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  1. KaSheen Brown

    hi my name is jada i am 10 years old. I like all of your truffle videos and
    wanted to know if you can make a birthday truffle with a birthday designs
    on it thank you

  2. Poopsicles13

    I’m going to select my 6 favourites (from all three videos) and make 25
    lots of them and give them away to my friends for Christmas! 🙂 so they get
    6, one of each flavour. Can’t wait 😀 I’m scared about tempering but I hope
    I can follow your video fairly easily 🙂 I’ve worked with chocolate before.
    Wish me luck! Where could I post pictures when I’m done? 🙂 thank you for
    these great recipes and tutorials! X

  3. Gana Lee

    Hi Ann! I am a big fan I told rossana Pansino from nerdy nummies that you
    made a cupcake for her she said thank you so much! And BTW I love your

  4. apeksha das

    its my cousins birthday, and she loves dark chocolate cakes can u video a
    dark chocolate dutch truffle cake for me so that i can surprise her with
    the love of her life…..

  5. Sanctuarygirl415

    What about Marzipan truffle like they do at Sees Candies? And a candied
    chocolate ginger truffle also from Sees Candies?

  6. Roberto P

    Hi! I think you are awesome! you have great ideas cooking please tell me,
    are there some brands of the chocolate you use the most you could share
    with me? I love milk chocolate but there are some brands that are not rich
    or creamy enough to make some of this wonderful truffles you make THANK YOU

  7. Cupcake

    You’re kind of wasting food when you just throw away the chalk like that
    why don’t you just save it for dessert or something?! Oh and OMG cookie
    swirl I so love your did Dios and I really hope that sometime my mom will
    let me send in some cookie fan mail!!

  8. Collie2006

    ok im done

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