Chocolate – The 1975 (Acoustic Cover by Savannah Outen, Jake Coco & Corey Gray)

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[MV] K.will(케이윌), Mamamoo(마마무) _ Peppermint Chocolate(썸남썸녀) (Feat. Whee sung(휘성)) LOEN MUSIC alterations the name to ‘1theK[wʌnðəkeɪ]’ to be a global Kpop hub! 로…

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  1. jody petrella

    I made a playlist of Savannah, Jake, Caitlin, Corey and Madilyn for my
    birthday party via spoitfy. Every one at the party LOVED all of your music.
    They said cover songs were better then the original artists. I told them
    that you guys are all i listen to. Especially when i’m writing 

  2. Ross Walker Smith

    Do you have an album out yet!? I would totally buy it and advise all my
    friends to do so as well. Your voice is MIND-BLOWING. Love ❤️

  3. Stevan Barnes

    Great cover but i’m not a fan of pre recorded tracks over the “live video”.
    Is there a live version of you guys doing this?

  4. Koola King

    This is GLORIOUS! PLEASE Mamamoo!! Keep doing this! I pray to god they
    don’t deviate from this jazzy soulful R&B style. I am tired of great debut
    groups being forced into terrible cutesy lame concepts. 

  5. Sena Airi

    I did not even expect seeing Hongbin and N!!!! Throughout the video I was
    wondering why they never showed K.Will or Wheesung in the video, and then
    wish I was Mamamoo ;n;”

  6. Brigita the unicorn

    I like freaked out when N and Hongbin came towards the end. Im a HUGE fan
    of vixx and seeing them in this MV makes me love Mamamoo even more… Yeh
    I’m strange…

  7. Rikkulyoko1

    EVERYONE check out MAMAMOO’s long-awaited DEBUT song Mr. Ambiguous! Lets
    show them a lot of love!! It features alot of people as well FT ISLAND
    Jonghyun, Jung Joon Young, Baek Z Young, Wheesung, K.Will, Bumkey, Rhymer,
    and more! It is pretty funny for a MV and the vocals are AMAZING! Enjoy~~

  8. vampirewannabe14

    To those who are getting into Mamamoo, welcome to the fandom, fellow
    Moomoo! (Yes, that is actually the fandom hahahahaha) You’ll never regret
    staying with these beautiful and extremely talented ladies. ;)

  9. narangnorayo^^

    This is it, I’m moving to Korea.>.< I love this song~especially Moonbyul's part, I think she's my bias, just can't resist her lol<3~and now I want one of those candy-bubblegum-thingies also.xD :3

  10. Kassandra Bonilla

    Solar 0:31(long hair/wavy)
    MoonByul 0:45 (straight black hair)
    Whee In 1:25 (Ponytail)
    Hwa Sa 1:45 (sunglasses & short light hair))

    K.Will – Male singer
    Wheesung – Male rapper

  11. Kpoplover132

    Love this song!!! Came back to listen to it after a while and complete
    forgot that N and Hongbin were in it. It was quite a surprise. XD

  12. cocoalakin

    So I’m a huge fan of VIXX and I forgot they were in this MV (I’ve never
    watched it). And I’m watching this because I recently got into Mamamoo’s
    songs. What a wonderful surprise it is to see Hongbin and N <3

  13. mkextra05

    This sounds so familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint which. I think it’s by a
    90’s pop female artist or a group. It’s driving me crazy. 

  14. Raciel Millan

    Omg.. My bro was like “youre gonna freak out around 2:30” and i was like
    “what??” Then i saw N and Hongbin and screamed… Did not see it coming 😀
    VIXX feels :3

  15. Léa-Tiffany Uchiwa

    Je suis accro à cette chanson!!!!!!!!!! 2:52 N et Hongbin!!!!!! Vive
    K.Will!!!!! Et les mamamoo heu… J’ai un peu pouffé de rire quand j’ai vu
    ce nom mais elles on l’air d’avoir du potentiel! +Garance Sushii +Yasmine

  16. Krisus HunHan

    AMAZING SONG ! I absolutely adore Mamamoo ! The Maknaes are like a year
    older than me… what have i done with life @[email protected] very professional !!
    K.will’s voice is like the sweetest thing on earth he makes everything
    sound perfect not even exaggerating 

  17. Himchan's Herchan

    i searched for Mamamoo videos cos i just started liking them, didn’t know 1
    of my fav boy grps members is featured inside! OMG N and HONGBIN looked so
    good in there ^__^

  18. Halle Miller

    Hongbin and N!!! I totally just felt jealous that hongbin is dancing with
    another girl until I remembered he has no idea who I am lolol 

  19. Mannish Cat

    3:12 WOW i love these types of couple dance moves, especially when they’re
    so simple <3 I wanna do that with someone too hehehe (VIXX YEAH~~)

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