Chocolate Strawberry Roses HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

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  1. Pumpkimelon

    [+How To Cook That] Thank you so much Anne! I gave a bouquet of these to my
    girlfriend, and she just adored them! +1 Sub.
    P.S. 800,000 Subs? Why don’t you have 8,000,000?!

  2. Annabell C. CaFamily Alison

    this looks so achievable. I can not wait to do this for my mother in law.
    She is amazing and so is your idea and how to create it. your awesome!!!!!

  3. Doraemonrulz

    when you were tapping your hand to let the excess chocolate drop, i thought
    u were giving yourself a round of applause hahaha ! but u do deserve one 😀

  4. finnthehumans

    On and i have a question. If we use the white chocolate one, can we use the
    spray food coloring to add just a touch of color?

  5. MyMusicalMusa

    I’m going to put this on the cake I’m making for my mother. Her birthday’s
    next week. I love your videos, you are amazing! May I ask which part of
    Australia you’re from?

  6. Sean Diamond

    yaaaaassssss, now i can be even more creative…i like being the only one who
    knows how to cook and make things with chocolate in my class, makes me feel

  7. Supergeekmanable

    Hello ^^ I am French, happy birthday!
    The my was yesterday ^^ Juste I do not understand well what you use to do
    the plants,
    can one even do it us? Thank you, France likes your receipt, the salesmen
    of modes also ^^

  8. Lisa Simpson

    The best thing i love about How To Cook That, is that you actually
    poperally explain what to do perfectly, other channels will usally just say
    the small things that we dont nesseccarally know what they mean but you
    perfectly go through each little thing so detailed. That’s one reason
    you’re my favourite baking/cooking channel x

  9. Rifa Afridi

    Hello. You know this dish was absolutely awesome!! It was delicious! My mom
    liked it a lot! Thanks a lot! You helped me!!

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