We’ve made an awesome chocolate cake paired with chocolate and a small much more chocolate. This is not the recipe to cook during a diet but is best for an in…
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  1. Nicole Rodriguez

    Okay, I’m sure that Sorted Food has explained this before, but I was
    wondering, what exactly is self-raising flour? Is it just normal flour or
    does it have baking soda or something mixed in? I don’t know if they sell
    this in America (I’m American) and I was just wondering. Please tell me! 

  2. Minmini S

    I tried the recipe and it turned out reaaaaallly well! It was delicious!
    Only thing, I substituted the eggs with vinegar, since I wanted to make an
    egg less cake…great job guys! :)

  3. Alejandro_2305

    I live in Chile but I understand english with no problem, but for some
    reason I can’t understand SHIT what the guy with glasses is saying. He’s
    talking too fast

  4. Amanda La Pastina

    It’s the third time I make this cake and every time when I add the eggs the
    mixture splits (it doesn’t prevent it from being delicious though). I add
    one egg at the time and wait until each one is fully combined, the eggs are
    also at room temperature and the mixer is going at a good speed! WHATS

  5. Jonas Puuronen

    made this yesterday and its seriously the best chocolate cake I have done
    ever! and if someone thinks you cant do it just by hand you can no need for
    the machines :)

  6. Malena Lara

    I did half only making the cake and the ganache and it’s setting right now!
    I’ll tell how it turns out later Ben.

  7. Haifa Bessrour

    The amount of butter sugar and chocolate in this recipe is quite scary.
    Might give a diabetic a heart attack .

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