CHAMPAGNE EYES TUTORIAL | Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

PLEASE Read: I wanted to produce an eye appear that was classic, with a bit of glam using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I actually hope you guys appreciate this champagne inspired tutorial! Thank…
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  1. melissa jeanne k

    Lovely. I “forgot” about the amazingness of this palette for a couple
    months, too, and then started using again pretty regularly this summer. I
    love it! I actually did something kind of similar today but with the
    greenish color next to the brow bone color. :)

  2. Sheila Yeates

    This is just beautiful. I have to have that lipstick. If my husband ask why
    I’m spending so much money lately I’m gonna have to blame it on you. lol
    XOXO Sheila

  3. SouthernBeautyGirl78

    GIRL!!!! You are just too gorgeous for words, and I am in love with that
    lip color. I have been so into those brownish-pink/wine/raisin colors
    lately! Definitely need to pull out my Chocolate Bar and try this 🙂 I
    have been using the Lorac Mega Pro so much – forgotten about the beauty of
    other palettes!!! 

  4. Sarah Bogaert

    YAY!! Another awesome tutorial!! Lip color is gorgeous!!! I’m so happy you
    did this look! I’ve got the same palette and just haven’t picked it up for
    awhile. I love the way you blend all the colors together. You look amazing
    Mall! XOXO 

  5. Tiffany Michelle

    Very beautiful!! Your blending skills are off the charts!! I’ll get there
    one day. Lol. I’m so heavy handed, and I noticed how lightly you were
    blending your shadows. I’m going to give it a try.

  6. Nicole Azizi

    Im so glad you did this look. Ive had this palette since august and have
    barely used it! Now i can use it to make this super pretty look! Thanks!!!

  7. Dale Donnelly

    Somethin’ a little extra special was happenin’ in Heaven the day you were
    born! Beautiful Mall – inside and out! Those are so made skills there,
    quite talented, too! Xo

  8. Rose Keats

    No matter what products you use I instantly want to rush out and purchase
    them – you make everything look so beautiful!! Love your little dog too <3 

  9. mannrisa

    This may be one of your most beautiful looks girl!! This would be great as
    a christmas look with a blue based red lipstick….gorgeous dahling!!:)

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