American Chocolate vs English Chocolate

Hey everybody welcome back to The Conversation Shack! Episode 8 Today we are attempting American Chocolate and English Delicious chocolate and viewing which is better Like as well as Subscribe for more videos from us!

Silvia y Carla nos prepara esta receta de Pudín o Pudding de Delicious chocolate Doble facil de hacer. Ingredientes: – 1/3 taza – (80 gr) azúcar regular – 2 cucharadas de maicena o fécula de …
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  1. The Chat Shack

    Would just like to say thank you to everyone who has viewed and commented
    on this video to get it to over 7,500 views! It means a lot to us 🙂 

  2. kelman727

    America has given the world many great things; edible chocolate is not one
    of them.

    Dairy Milk trounces Hershey all the way.

  3. trancehi

    Here’s a heads-up as to what is what –
    US chocolate contains more sugar whereas UK chocolate has a higher fat and
    cocoa content. The result is that American chocolate is often criticised
    for being too sweet, while British chocolate is praised for its rich and
    creamy texture. Hershey chocolate is American and Cadbury chocolate is
    English. Hershey made a deal to block English made chocolate (Cadbury) from
    entering the US but later started copying the English packaging and
    products with their inferior own recipes, however, even though English
    Cadbury has been blocked selling to retail in the US, it can still be
    imported to individuals who prefer and want the original better
    chocolate/bars/recipe by mail order from England and it’s apparently
    becoming a booming business. So that pretty much sums it all up.

  4. Hunniebunches020405

    I qm an American living in London and the chocolates that you get here in
    the UK is so much better than the American chocolates. Cadbury beat
    hershey’s by a mile there’s not really a competition there. But we have
    better potatoes chips and cereals in America. Lol

  5. Kylie Schultz

    I love in America and my dad went to Germany once and he brought back a
    chocolate bar and it was some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted

  6. BuckeyeGuy20

    The thing that sets American candy from European is the sweetness. Here in
    the U.S. everything is sweeter! :)

  7. Euan Mitchell

    its better to see an english bloke and an american bloke taste the foods
    and say “hey yours is better” because all other videos its british or
    american siding with there foods just because its from where they come
    from, subbed! 

  8. _Harryy

    lol new zealand has only crunchie, mars, snickers, dairy milk, willy wonka
    (not that much), bounty, whittakers peanut slab n choc bars n shit, also
    some more stuff but cant be bothered naming them

  9. ArchAngelSc18

    Hey Gents coming to you from America, Snickers is my Favorite, along with
    most of America I would imagine. But you guys probably have snickers there.
    Butter Finger has got to be the worst candy bar there is. IF you want to
    try something like it, try the 5th ave bar.

  10. ana paula Martinez

    che muy fáciles y ricos gracias me encanto y a los que no tiene foto de
    perfil chicos por favor pónganse uno

  11. Mel Saave :)

    muy rico voy a preparar pero con poco chocolate de lo que dicen la mitad ya
    que halla en España les gusta un poco amargo sus chocolates pero aquí en
    latino américa les gusta un poquito dulce….gracias 🙂 muy buena la receta

  12. Nuria Canaria

    Aki nadie sabe lo que es la NATA? Ay por favor lo que llevan las tartas por
    encima o léansela un diccionario mejor

  13. carla alvarez

    ola a mi tambien me encanta el chocolate pero tenfo una pregunta alteraria
    la receta que no pusiera huevo esque soy alergica a el 🙁 graciass

  14. En Casa Contigo

    Hola Nicky. Gracias por seguirnos. Si, puedes utilizar la margarina para
    este y practicamente cualquier plato de repostería. Solamente una excepción
    – nunca utilices margarina light porque no reune las caracteristicas
    necesarias para la reposteria. Un abrazo

  15. Nicky Rivero

    Que rico que se ve! Una pregunta; En mi pais no venden mantequilla, pero me
    dijeron que la margarina es casi lo mismo, lo puedo usar para esta
    preparacion? Gracias

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